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Semi-Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

LED powered system that performs clinical chemistry and turbidimetry assays to suit the needs of any laboratory with a focus on optimizing consumption and low maintenance.

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Fully Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

More than 40 assays and applications available including whole blood HbA1c, hsCRP, and D-Dimer
Good fit for labs with up to 50 samples per day

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3 Part Diff. Hematology Analyzer 

A new generation of hematology analyzers has arrived. Packed with technical innovation. Delivering uncompromising accuracy. Offering outstanding quality from blood

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Blood Glucose Measuring System

Cutting edge biosensor integrated with Infopia’s core bio technology, exported to over 30 countries worldwide Fast measuring speed, generating results in 9 seconds

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Company Overview

Nawi Hewad Company Ltd. was founded during the year of 2006 with the goal of delivering high-quality competitively priced medical laboratory diagnostic instruments, accessories and reagent kits to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for the people of Afghanistan across the country.Today, Nawi Hewad Company Ltd. has become one of the leading suppliers of medical laboratory diagnostic instruments, accessories and reagent kits in the country of Afghanistan. More and more clients are getting associated with us day by day. Our company is specialized in almost all major medical laboratory diagnostic instruments & related consumables.We also provide training facilities to the staff of medical laboratories for the optimum performance of their lab diagnostic instruments and related lab consumables. Over nearly 10 years of experience, Nawi Hewad Company Ltd has established a comprehensive selling distribution system across the country of Afghanistan Read more


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