Nawi Hewad Company Ltd. was founded during the year 2006 with the goal of delivering high-quality competitively priced medical laboratory diagnostic instruments, accessories and reagents to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for the people of Afghanistan. Nawi Hewad Co. Ltd is a private owned Limited Liability Company registered and operating under the laws of Ministry of Commerce and Industries Afghanistan having license Number 0601-1131, Registration Number 29286 and Tax Identification Number (TIN) 1003146089. Today, Nawi Hewad Company Ltd. has become one of the leading suppliers of medical laboratory diagnostic instruments, accessories and reagents in the country of Afghanistan. More and more clients are getting associated with us day by day. Our company is specialized in almost all major medical laboratory diagnostic instruments & related consumables.


Promising of anticipation, development and an intense future for the people of Afghanistan while active participation to provide services

in the fields of health care.

OUR Mission

Having a customers’ focus strategy, facing market challenges and to satisfy needs of our clients by providing excellent clinical diagnostic solutions and services in order to consistently create maximum value for them.

We also provide training facilities to the staff of medical laboratories for the optimum performance of their lab diagnostic instruments and related lab consumables. Over a decade of extensive professional expertise, Nawi Hewad Company Ltd has established a comprehensive selling & distribution system across the country of Afghanistan. Our products and services are being used and preferred by the clients comparatively more than other available brands in all areas of country. We have professional teams of technical engineers and technicians, who can provide the clients satisfactory after sales services and other technical support whenever needed. We guarantee our clients with best possible services and support all 7 days a week.  Moreover, Nawi Hewad Company Ltd is committed to upgrade its products portfolio with the passage of time to ensure its access to modern & innovative technology products for the valuable clients whenever becomes available around the globe. We are sincerely looking forward to receive your valuable inquiries.